Kthulhoid Illuminates sacrificing to Anuket


The Topology of Awareness


Intelligence extends itself into material reality as a cyclone in water. There is no difference in substance between the whirlpool and the water, only a pattern of motion. We are that pattern. Moving so we are never the same yet mostly holding our shape. Until the conditions that keep us spinning pass away, and so do we.

So far as we are aware, we are the most acute spike of intelligence in the world, but we are far from the only protuberances. Anywhere complex order emerges from the interaction of simple components, intelligence spins itself from the void. We might as well enjoy this tilt-a-whirl while it lasts, for who knows what awaits us when this ride ends.


i have been thinking a lot about this lately, I wanted to understand what it meant.
I guess the first thing to believe is that there is no separation… Once one has got the head around that,  (and its easier than i thought, all i had to do was accept the possibility.  actual belief is optional.)   Then…instead of the usual plan of trying to change things and make things happen/not happen from the outside, a separate and “me and it” situation.
One can then begin on making things happen from the inside, a kinda “we are in this together” mindset on any situation and/or event. Instead of being separate, we can start to merge with all energies.   I think that is kinda  how magik works.
Once you can realise there is no distinction, then all you need to do is direct the ebb and flow.
Like a conductor of an orchestra, he doesn’t go to each player and show him what he would like them to do..that would be too much effort all round, and the player will have problems connecting the will of the conductor to the music, as they are separate.. 
He just stands there and waves the baton…  If he is a natural conductor, he will not even have to think about it, he feels the music, and knows exactly what to ask for, and when to ask for it.  The players watch the baton, and feel the music simultaneously. And the symphony will be played …perfectly.