Kore of the Idolatry but no Asana


Mer-men boys in my room last night

Most of the psychic phenomena, contact with entities, and other “weird stuff” I’ve experienced in my life has been in dreams or on the edge of sleep. I have narcolepsy which has given a scientific/allopathic explanation for the things I’ve seen, heard and felt, but I’d like to think there’s a possibility there’s something more to it.

The latest of these weird dreams was a couple of nights ago, my car alarm had gone off in the depth odf the night and my boyfriend had gone out to check it (we currently live on the edge of a lake in quite well-populated countryside). After he came back in I slipped back into the dream I’d been having beforehand but it went all funny and I woke myself and him up shouting. As I drifted back to sleep, the caravan door opened (in waking life it doesn’t have a lock) and in came three creatures who  like a cross between Oogie Boogie’s boys from A Nightmare Before Christmas and Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh. They started stealing stuff but left as awoke, again calling out to my boyfriend for help.

Old Gregg’s a much-loved character. I use him when I’m walking to the toilet block, the water tap and the shower room when it’s dark, if I get spooked I say, “oh it’s Old Gregg” and laugh and I’m not scared anymore. Ok, so maybe this sounds like something a little kid would do, but hey, it works so why knock it?


The Devil Horny bastard Upside down and running from the King of Swords A man of action Sharp wit and intellect whom pines the Queen of Wands Regal and beautiful

Adorned with emeralds looming by her side the
Two of Wands
A man with two wands
Like a double rainbow he hones his sight on
Six of Wands
Guarding the entrance of Wand Castle
Possibly hawking wands turned to face the
Eight of Cups
Who walks the desert leaving cups that are
Useless without water blowing east to Sir
King of Wands

Even more bejewelled than the Queen like A mainstream rap star down from him lurks Ten of Cups In his cat sanctuary and cups that Never overspill because they are filled With the boundless love of the core The World


(Isle of Arran, 2007)

When I was a child I spent summer holidays in North Poland on Baltic Sea shore. They opened ‘fokarium’ in there. It was a tiny little pool where they kept a grey seal. They are an endangered specie in Poland and they decided to try reintroduce them. They found harmed male seal on a beach and captured him. They called him Balbina (they thought it was female at the beginning). I visited this seal. It was so sad because the pool was so tiny for it! The people running it had no money so they allow people visit if they paid the entry. I asked my mum to buy me a t-shirt with a seal to support the centre. Today it really is big. They breed seals and let them out to the sea and also take care of harmed seals if they find them. I got obsessed with seals and had a collection of plush toys.

Recently on my last birthday my mum send me a card with a seal on it. And it reminded me of my fascination with them. I decided to make my childhood dream come true and buy myself a big fluffy seal toy. I couldn’t afford it as a child but now it hardly costed me anything. Having this lovely seal sitting on my sofa made me think of seals a lot. I watched some photos of them online and I left a comment under one of them (it was seals on isle of skye in Scotland). Guy replied that on this loch there are always seals to be seen! I was imagining seeing them before I went to sleep and said to myself maybe I will see them in my dreams…

the same night I had a dream that I slide down a hill and landed on a beach by two grey seals. They came to me and more seals approached. My friends came down after me and we were surrounded by 15-20 seals. It was amazing. They were very friendly these seals…

Another night I had different dream. I was walking along some river and I noticed two seals. They run up to me. One of them was hurt. I got worried that it may be hungry. Then a fisherman walked pass selling smoked mackerels and sardines. I bought some for 5zl coin (polish currency) and fed the seal. It was an amazing feeling.

Few days ago I had a dream that I was swimming in the sea and I sat on a pier letting my legs dangle in the water. A seal came over and swam around playfully and licked my calves.

Then the other day I was buying some books on Amazon and accidental found a volume by Duncan Williamson ‘Tales of the Seal People’. I ordered it and started reading as soon as it arrived. In the introduction author described how, when he was a child, he spent a night on a beach surrounded by seals! I have never heard of seals doing this before, yet I was dreaming seals surround me in this way.

It makes me feel that I need to move somewhere were there are seals so I can spend evenings with them and play them some music. The author wrote that seals love music and his dad played bagpipes to them…

(Isle of Arran, 2007)

That Which Others Name ‘Time”

I can ne’er recall the year; I always ask a friend ,*chuckle* and they tell me, but every years, so far, I always recall the day/date, August 8th. My friend will tell me 2003. That which others name ‘time’, says it is six years since the first stroke. Today, I have done thus: I always knew I knew how to swim, and now, having done so, I actually remeber how to do so. ))))

Breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, butterfly, etc!
and Oh, the feel of the water was wonderful.
I shall do this again!

*chuckle* all them strokes, lol!