Kinetic Infused Anti-Christ


Mer-men boys in my room last night

Most of the psychic phenomena, contact with entities, and other “weird stuff” I’ve experienced in my life has been in dreams or on the edge of sleep. I have narcolepsy which has given a scientific/allopathic explanation for the things I’ve seen, heard and felt, but I’d like to think there’s a possibility there’s something more to it.

The latest of these weird dreams was a couple of nights ago, my car alarm had gone off in the depth odf the night and my boyfriend had gone out to check it (we currently live on the edge of a lake in quite well-populated countryside). After he came back in I slipped back into the dream I’d been having beforehand but it went all funny and I woke myself and him up shouting. As I drifted back to sleep, the caravan door opened (in waking life it doesn’t have a lock) and in came three creatures who ┬álike a cross between Oogie Boogie’s boys from A Nightmare Before Christmas and Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh. They started stealing stuff but left as awoke, again calling out to my boyfriend for help.

Old Gregg’s a much-loved character. I use him when I’m walking to the toilet block, the water tap and the shower room when it’s dark, if I get spooked I say, “oh it’s Old Gregg” and laugh and I’m not scared anymore. Ok, so maybe this sounds like something a little kid would do, but hey, it works so why knock it?