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The ‘think I should do’ tarot spread

I’m sure most of us have seen numerous variations of that meme that goes around. The one with ‘what I think I do’, ‘what my friends think I do’ and ‘what I actually do’. For a while I had considered using it as a tarot spread. However when I actually came to do a reading using it, I found myself modifying it somewhat. I describe it here with four cards, which is its simplest form, for an issue concerning two parties, the querent and one other (labeled X). For multiple party issues, added extra cards for Y, Z etc.

  1. What X thinks I/we should do.
  2. What I/we think I/we should do.
  3. What I/we will probably do.
  4. What I/we should actually do.

So far Dana and I have used this spread several times, always with interesting results. I will share an example in another blog post. I just wanted to write up the theory in its own blog.

I guess it can be used not just for tarot, but for any divination system in which you can select four answers.


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