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The Superior Human?

This 70 minutes long documentary explores the idea of humans as superior species to demonstrate the bias of such argument. It’s humorous and light hearted although exploring some dark aspects of cruelty to animals. Some facts presented in it are surprising to me. For example that scientific establishment/world didn’t acknowledge animal pain because of lack of evidence that animals have consciousness. The film also mentions inadequacy of our methods of measuring consciousness and intelligence in animals. This is something that I was thinking since a while.

This film doesn’t directly link to magic and other subject we may be discussing here on KIA but I think it is a nice contribution to a broader sense of connectedness and consciousness. It also reveals how our culture terribly limits our understanding of the world. This in itself relates to our understanding of magic and other phenomena that are difficult to prove by hard science. What this film makes me think of is that in future we will be equally revisiting our approaches to understanding of ourselves.

I do realize that the documentary presents the arguments in a very simplistic manner. For example the shots of an elephant painting with its trunk gave me mixed feelings… I researched it and indeed the elephants are horribly mistreated before they learn to paint. (http://www.thelastelephants.com/   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z5nUNYW7OI ) On the other hand I wonder how much time it would take for a human to learn some of the skills that animals have and if we would be willing to do so in other circumstance than under torture…  The situations like the one with elephants come from the fact that we do consider ourselves superior to them and have no remorse for inflicting pain on them.


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  1. Thanks so much for that @Lolita, I watched the whole thing…. It was very interesting. Particularly the (imho) explanations of why human supremacists believe what they do. I felel precisely the same as you about the strange notion that animals don’t have a conciousness, and therefore don’t feel pain. Not only is this the perfect justification for Descartes, and probably many others, for experimenting on animals to satisfy their (apparently superior) theories on biological and neurological workings. (and ongoing total abuse of animals for finacial gain,) But… I have to say, it doesn’t take even near as much as a few years as a veterinary nurse to just ‘know’ that it simply isn’t true!! Even if you had not said anything about the elephant in the film, to me… It was very obvious that he was deeply afraid of his handler!
    the vet that treats our chickens asked me if I thought that chickens show affection. I don’t ‘think’ they do…. I ‘know’ they do, as … I not only can see it sometimes, I can feel it. think what implications this has on all the animals that are ‘starved’ of their natural and ancient instincts.
    I think… as far as I am concerned, I can honestly and truly say, that humans have actually ‘lost’ their ability to feel the stuff that our fellow creatures can still perceive.
    What price ‘intelligence’? What price ‘culture’?
    i am certain it is entirely possible to have a wonderful balance of both, more spiritual and conscious thought, and also… the wonderful gift of the instinctive world as well, I guess… we only need to realise it.

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