Kindred learning from Invocation but no Asana



A very small bird with a voice
as large as all that is,
sings with liquid tones…
I drink it in like water…
like rain…
washing me inside,
reminding me to be free
To Be Me
*happy scampers*

2 thoughts on “Wren

  1. That’s really nice. Thanks for sharing!
    Last time I saw a wren must have been in the summer. I see a lot of different birds around; flock of geese flying south, red kite hunting over the woods, sparrows, robins, tits, chaffinches, blackbirds and recently redwings in my garden and other birds by the river and canal… They are all very inspiring… maybe I will write my own poem about them… It’s a good idea.

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  2. I meant to reply to this, but only got around to it today. As it happens the other day we were out for a walk in the forest by our home and what did we see?

    Yes that’s right, a jackdaw.

    No, just kidding, we saw a wren, very close to us in a tree.

    We saw lots of jackdaws, but then it seems hundreds of them roost in the forest here at this time of year and they circle in huge swarms with crows and the odd raven.

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